Launching and running a clothing brand – Useful Resources

I have listed down those sites below in alphabetic order.

  1. ASTM Textile Standards provide the specifications and test methods for the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of textiles, fabrics, and clothes, as well as the natural and artificial fibers that constitute them.
  2. Apparel Merchandising, a blog on apparel merchandising, textile printing, knitting, garments manufacturing, embroidery etc.
  3. Apparel Resources An online magazine with a valuable article in garment manufacturing, machinery, and latest technology.
  4. A fashionable stitch, a blog on sewing tips and tricks.
  5. A&E, a site by American thread manufacturer. Under tab Technical Tools you will get pdf documents related to yarns, threads, seam, stitches, and needles. For example
  6. Better work. Go to Publication and Resources tab. A lot of good materials are available on factory compliances.
  7. Clothesource, an online library. You can download publications for free.
  8. Coats International, a site by Coats, a leading sewing thread manufacturer. You will find a technical report on sewing report, thread consumption guide and more.
  9. Coletterie, a blog for sewing tips, ideas.
  10. Clean Cloth Campaign is dedicated to improving working conditions and supporting the empowerment of workers in the global garment and sportswear industries. You will find case history on compliance issues in garment factory around the world.
  11. Denim and Jeans, a Blog by Denim expert Sandeep Agarwal. You will find a lot of articles on denim processes, denim brands, denim market and lot more.
  12. Ellis Developments Limited. This site is not well designed but contains great tutorials for knitting manufacturing and apparel quality management.
  13. Elyon Ltd provides good contents related General Sewing Data. You will get most of the answers to your questions related to General sewing Data (GSD).
  14. Blog, a blog on fabrics.
  15. Fashion Incubator, a blog by Kathleen Fasanella. A blog has numerous articles covered a lot of topics such as pattern making, garment manufacturing, Tips on sewing etc.
  16. Fibre to Fashion Fibre2Fashion is a business to business portal. This site publishes numerous articles covering whole topics from fiber to fashion.
  17. Garmenco is a good resource for Stitches and Seam guide.
  18. GSD – General sewing data, the official site of general sewing data (GSD).
  19. How to start a Clothing Company, the name of the site is self-explanatory what you get inside. Good guides for those who think to start a business in clothing.
  20. Just-style, an online publication that publishes the latest news, research study, and market research reports etc.
  21. Knitting Industry, an online publication on knitting industry.
  22. Knitting Help, provides tips on knitting, knitting pattern, videos on knitting and more.
  23. My textile notes, a blog by Priyank Goel on textile and garment processes.
  24. Nancy’s Notions, a website by Nancy.
  25. Rikipedia textile knowledge base by Rieter. A knowledge base on textile yarn spinning process.
  26. Sew Easy – sewing classes for kids and teens.
  27. Sew Daily a site where you will get sewing tips, free E-book on various topics.
  28. Sewing Insight has a lot of reviews on industrial sewing machine of different brands.
  29. Stitch and Sew – This website will help you pick out the right sewing machine. You will also find lots of DIY projects and Q & A section.
  30. Textile School, a blog on textile and garment manufacturing, processes, terms, and definitions. Good tutorials for newbie and students.
  31. Textile Testing International, a blog by a Textile Testing Lab. A blog has articles on textiles testing methods.
  32. Textile/Clothing Technology Corporation, a site by a non-profit organization. You will get valuable articles here.
  33. The Textile Institute, a site by the organization The Textile Institute.
  34. Textile Learner, a blog that explains textile and garment terms, different processes of garment and textiles. A good read for apparel and textile students.
  35. Textile Link publishes articles and links covering spinning, weaving, quilting, felting, knitting, sewing, dyeing, and the whole world of textiles. Links to supply sources, organizations, museums, events, training, etc)
  36. Toyota textile machinery Read this site to know history to present of textile machinery.
  37. Threads,  an online thread magazine. How-to-do sewing guides.
  38. The Indian Textile Journal, an online publication that also publishes free articles. To read articles go to features Category wise.
  39. Vasant Kothari, a site by Mr. Vasant Kothari. He has posted a number of presentations on textile topics for students.
  40. Vintage Fashion Guild, a resource for vintage fashion.

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